Differences between Touch Calendar full and free versions

Touch Calendar Free is a fully usable app, but from now on development is focused on the full version, so all new features and most fixes will go there.

Here are the things the full version of Touch Calendar has that the free version doesn’t:

  • Home screen widgets (4×1, 4×2, 4×3, 4×4 sizes; resizable in Android 3.1)
  • Translations: French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese.
  • More colour schemes (including a dark theme, and also ‘orange and white’, ‘orange and blue’, ‘green and white’, ‘purple and white’, ‘pink and white’, ‘purple and green’)
  • The quick calendar selector – a popup window that lets you quickly turn calendars on and off
  • ‘Zoom to date’ from the context menu (tap-and-hold on a date) in the main app, or just by double-tapping
  • ‘Duplicate event’ feature
  • Search in the description field
  • Search integrates with the Android quick search box
  • Time format options

There’ll be much more added to this list soon, so I’ll keep this post up to date as things get released.

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